Friday, November 15, 2013

Meditation on open hands

This was written partly during a church quiet day in La Cala de Mijas, and over the days following, in response to a meditation given on the same theme by lay Reader Caroline McFarlane.

Sitting underneath the fig tree
pondering the mystery of
the Word revealed in simple things ….

An open hand speaks of welcome
trust and peace, of supplication,
self-giving and self-abandon.

And yet -

An open hand delivers the
blameless one to condemnation

An open hand with anger strikes
the face of compassionate love

An open hand is bound and pierced
by crucifying cruel steel

Though not before ...

An open hand receives and bears
with gladness the victim's burden

An open hand wipes clean the brow
of bloody sweat and sorrow's tear

An open hand stretches with sponge
to wet parched lips as death draws near

And there is more ...

An open hand in greeting raised
speaks of triumph over evil

An open hand in pardon sweeps
away the shroud of guilt and shame

An open hand in blessing sends
forth witnesses to gracious love

An open hand reaches out and
takes Christ's gift of himself revealed
in living bread and wine outpoured.

We, mindful of many meanings,
offer in trust these open hands
each to each, and to the Other.

J.K.K. 14.11.13