Monday, November 02, 2015

Coming to terms with emptiness

An undated fragment from a notebook written following the unexpected death of brother in law Eddie Colvill on St Luke's Day, but given the date of All Souls Day.

How can I write my tears?
Where can I set them down
and gaze at the wonder
of love that gave them birth?

There is only aching
restless misery in
endless moments of loss
transfixed by the void here
between the fullness of the past
and a future yet to be revealed
whatever it may contain,
good or ill.

All certainty is gone
Seemingly helpless
faced only with
the perennial struggle
to conquer fear
to be found by peace
in the eternal present.

JKK 02/11/2015

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The toast

Written in Nerja after attending the banquet of a young couple whose marriage I had blessed earlier in the day.

The toast
Long life and happiness
was what they wished for you
at each stage of your journey.
Setting out alone or together,
In parting and re-union.
the lasting gift of good will -
love in the sign of a raised cup.
And always,
the barely audible question
uneasily voiced – how long?
How long does joy or sorrow last?
How long is waiting - together or apart?
Living provides all the answers.
As time passes, each new toast proposed,
the same question is tinged,
less with fear and more with gratitude;
for all that has been, still is and ever will be.
How long – we’ve had? And have been blessed!
The light of life well lived shines on,
despite the end to come.
It’s not that darkness overwhelms
as our poor light seems to pale
and fade to nothingness.
It’s unseen, uncreated light
that hides us, in love’s incandesence
abiding at last where truly we belong.

JKK 16.05.15