Thursday, October 13, 2005

Eucharist in perspective

Being a priest can mean becoming over-familiar, casual with profound mysteries. It takes a retreat, a time of reflection in tranquility, to re-gain a higher sense of perspective. I have visited Ty Mawr Convent in deepest rural Gwent (South East Wales) over the past 25 years, and spend time in solitude alongside the sisters who live a permanent life of contemplative prayer in that secluded place. I owe those people and that place my sanity and my passion for offering Christ to the world through Word and Sacrament. Here are two fragments of thought which emerged during a midwinter stay at Ty Mawr.


Icon of Christ incarnate
Heaven's meeting place with earth:
simple broken bread betrothed
by sentences oft-spoken.

Not our words to conjure with
but his who said: "Remember
my life given for you, take and eat."

The sign of his sacrifice
offered once on Calvary;
foundation of a new age
present where we assemble,
takes us on a pilgrimage,
Bethlehem to Pentecost
in awe and adoration.

JKK, Ty Mawr, 24.1.92


Bread is growing grain
gathered, ground, watered, leavened,
and fire-baptized.

Work and waiting make partners
of us with our creator.

This living bread is
community centred
on God our Baker.

Fount of renewal
festive joy, the mystery
of communion:
fellowship in peace and love.

It is the Lord's day, breathe deep!

JKK, Ty Mawr 26.1.92

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