Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Attention and contemplation

It's nine months since I jotted this down, and left it on my desktop for further consideration. In that time, all I've changed is the verse layout. I think it says what I wanted to admit about the difficulties I have with retaining that 'single eye' that St Ephrem speaks of.

A man of poor attention span

I fix my gaze amazed

a while only

on the latest marvel of glory

to reveal itself

before my wondering eye.

Why I do not long linger

is because there’s so much

on which to ponder

A world made for wonder

Whether one or many things


is neither here nor there.

To be open to the Infinite Beauty

astonished, grateful

Is all I care.

Perhaps only when my world slows

to a singularity

will I at last remain

undistracted in awe

JKK; 19.08.08

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